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Dr. Jaclyn O'Keefe

Having grown up in Launceston and training in Tasmania, Jackie has experienced a variety of locations across Australia with Jerome. Despite experiencing the beauty of Far north QLD and outback Australia she can see no better place to call home than Launceston.

She felt the best way to put the range of skills into practice was to start a fresh and innovative practice.

Jackie has a passion for womens health, loving to share the journey through a woman’s life including antenatal care, post pregnancy care, and following this through with issues that arise for women later in life. She also enjoys and caring for children and all their health requirements. 

Jackie has a keen eye for design and wanted to create a relaxing, modern and efficient practice that didn’t have a ‘hospital feel’ and was a pleasure to work in.

Session Times
Jackie is currently working on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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