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Comprehensive General Practice

Our doctors have had broad experience in metropolitan, regional and remote general practices and hospitals. This has enabled them to take a comprehensive and quality approach to all things general practice. Our doctors strive to remain up to date with the latest developments in medicine by a firm commitment to their own ongoing professional development assisting them to provide evidence based medicine.  

 Accident Clinic

For acute needs that you may have otherwise resulted in an Emergency Department visit, we offer a walk in service after our usual practice hours. During regular practice hours, our team will always aim to facilitate your care with one of our doctors, but this is not always possible. 

Some examples of the type of accident clinic visits include; Lacerations requiring suturing, undisplaced fractures requiring plastering, abdominal pain or early pregnancy bleeding - just to mention a few. We promise that if we are unable to definitively manage your acute issue and you require an additional hospital visit then

Launceston Medical Centre aims to provide comprehensive, quality and timely care utilising our onsite pathology, GP performed Ultrasound and a nearby X Ray facilities - which hopefully will soon be incorporated into Launceston Health Hub.


Whether it’s protecting your young child, for travelling overseas or for those over 65, The Launceston Medical Centre has a range of government funded vaccinations or others available for purchase at competitive prices.

Women's Health

A number of our General Practitioners at Launceston Medical Centre have special interests in health issues specific to women which occur throughout the various stages of their lives.

We also have doctors who are trained in Mirena insertions. Please visit our doctors profile pages for more detailed information about what our doctors can offer you. 

Minor surgical procedures

With a dedicated procedure room, our doctors can provide a range of procedures in a safe, sterile environment ranging from hormone implants to skin excisions.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Launceston Skin Cancer Clinic is based at the Launceston Health Hub and is guided by our experienced doctors, who have specific training and interest in skin cancer medicine. Please click here to find out more about Launceston Skin Cancer Clinic, how to book a consultation and our fees. 

General Check Ups

We are much better at getting our car checked up than we are ourselves. Our practice likes to take a proactive approach to preventative medicine rather than a reactive approach as issues arise. Talk to your doctor about a check up relevant to your current stage in life.

Sexual Health

Having both male and female doctors available along with an onsite laboratory allows for a confidential and contemporary approach to all aspects of sexual health. Our General Practitioners work closely with the statewide sexual health service to provide comprehensive shared care for conditions such as HIV and other complex issues.

Travel Health

Dr. Muir Wilson and Dr. O’Keefe both love travelling and enjoy helping patients have a safe journey with appropriate education, immunisations and helping put together relevant ‘medical packs’ to minimise the impact of illness on their patients adventures

Children’s Health

We have designed a child friendly practice with a dedicated safe kids corner in the waiting room and a lounge nearby for parents to relax in reading a magazine whilst awaiting to see the doctor. Our practice understands the concerns of a parent concerned about their sick child and aims to minimise any potential barriers to seeing a doctor by bulk billing all children under 16 along with seeing them in a timely manor. 

 Occupational Medicine

Dr. Muir Wilson undertook an advanced skills posting during his training in occupational health working closely with Rio Tinto and BHP. He would like to continue his experience, offering dedicated services to all work related issues including medicals, preventative care, workers compensation and team based rehabilitation. This compliments the co-location of Australian Workforce Assessors at the Health Hub which brings wellness to the work place. More information on AWA can be found on their website. 

 Antenatal Care

All of our doctors are experienced in providing shared care in pre-pregnancy counselling, and a thorough antenatal shared care approach. Ideally, antenatal appointments are scheduled as a long consultation, to ensure that we can provide an extensive assessment for pregnant women.

At Launceston Medical Centre, we have an onsite point of care ultrasound which specific doctors are able to utilise. This provides additional information, with scans available onsite, something which is not usually available within other shared care settings. Please contact our reception team for more information about our Antenatal Care appointments.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Muir Wilson would like to offer sports people of all ages that may have injured themselves in weekend sporting pursuits a guaranteed appointment Monday afternoons. With imaging facilities nearby and the ability to plaster onsite fractures through to any other soft injury can be comprehensively managed.

Walk in Clinic

The walk in clinic is offered every day of the year, including Christmas, New Year's Day & Easter. It is for semi urgent medical conditions and aims to provide an alternative to the Launceston General Hospital’s Emergency Department for non life threatening symptoms. 

Patients will be seen in order of arrival however unstable patients will be given priority. No appointment is necessary.

Weekdays - 1800 to 2100

Weekends & Public Holidays - 1400 to 1700

Our Skin Cancer and Specialist doctor hours vary, often including weekends and early mornings to accomodate patients requirements. If you are unsure of the hours we offer, you can call the main reception line and be advised accordingly. 


Tasmanian Medical Laboratories

  • TML are open weekdays from 7:30 am until 6 pm and 9 am until 12.30 pm on Saturday mornings. With no appointments necessary. TML have two dedicated collection rooms located within the Launceston Medical Centre. Pathology services requested are bulk billed for those with a valid medicare card. 
  • When a doctor deems the test clinically urgent, the results can often be back within an hour, as the TML pathology laboratory is located within Launceston Health Hub. 
  • You can find out more about TML, by visiting their website.

 Mental Health

In partnership with our doctors, our practice provides specialist psychotherapy and psychological services to patients who are experiencing personal, relationship and work related difficulties. Our resident psychotherapist Mr Simon Froude offers specialist services for patients experiencing trauma, grief, relationship issues and other psychological afflictions including anxiety and depression. Likewise, life choices and personal coaching. 

Our psychotherapist is located within our practice at the Hub ensuring the best care can be provided in unison with your treating doctor. We are committed to professional, discreet and totally confidential high quality care within a welcoming, calm, respectful environment. 

We can assist with a broad range of mental heath issues and ensure strict confidentiality is always maintained. 

 Men's Health

Men's health like all areas of medicine is an evolving area with new treatment options becoming available. Dr Muir Wilson enjoys keeping up with the latest relevant research and discussing this in a relaxed and straight forward approach with his patients.


Smoking Cessation

Dr Carlin White and Dr Aye Aye Thwe have a special interest in this area, along with Simon Froude (Psychotherapist) & Marlene Lovell (Exercise Physiologist) who have done further training in quit smoking counselling.   If you are wanting to quit smoking we are able to offer comprehensive assistance to increase your likelihood of success.