• Consultations between 9-6pm are via appointment only with every effort made to see those with urgent needs
  • A typical appointment time is 10-15 minutes
  • If you feel you require more time than a standard appointment or you have more than one problem to discuss, please book a long appointment
  • Using the Hotdoc app or online booking feature, specific types and lengths of appointments can be booked
  • As our doctors have special interest areas (please see services) they have various days they focus on these and encourage patients to book these via Hotdoc or ask our receptionist which days these are held


Cancelling an appointment is totally understandable. We ask that you cancel your appointment either through Appointuit or by calling our receptionists at least 2 hours prior. This allows other patients to utilise the appointment time. A non-attendance fee of 50% of the scheduled fee will be charged to those that don’t cancel their appointment.

Patient Results

In most circumstances, if your doctor has ordered blood tests or medical imaging patients are required to make an appointment to discuss the results personally. This provides a high standard of medical care and ensures patient confidentiality as it can be hard to identify a person over the phone.

Walk-in Clinic

The walk-in clinic is offered every day of the year, including Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter. It is for semi-urgent medical conditions and aims to provide an alternative to the Launceston General Hospital’s Emergency Department for non-life-threatening symptoms.

Patients will be seen in order of arrival however unstable patients will be given priority. No appointment is necessary.

Weekdays – 1800 to 2100

Weekends & Public Holidays – 1300 to 1700

If there is a medical emergency please call 000